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Choosing Between Single And Double Hung Windows

You can normally tell window styles apart just by looking at the Henderson, NV windows, right? Sliding windows don’t look like casement windows and casement windows are totally different than picture windows. But when it comes to single and double hung windows, looks can be deceiving. That’s because they pretty much look the same. The difference between these two windows is in the operation.

Henderson, NV windows

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are nice-looking and easy to operate. They are reasonable in price and cost less than double hung options. They have a bottom sash that can raise and lower and tile into the house for cleaning. However, the top sash stays in place at all times. You can get lots of color options, lock choices, grid patterns, and more, but you will not be able to ventilate your home through the top portion of the window.

Double Hung Windows

These windows look just like single hung windows when they are closed, but instead of just one sash operating, both the top and the bottom can be opened and closed. They also both tilt in for easy cleaning. When you open just the top part, you can leave the bottom closed to keep kids and pets safe in the home. If you open both, you can have great ventilation. These added benefits also come with a higher price so you have to make sure they are worth the extra costs.

Deciding Between The Two Styles

If you like the look and style of double and single hung windows, you then have to decide between them based on what works in your home. Since they look just alike, you can even mix and match them, if you’d like. Double hung windows cost more so perhaps you can’t afford to place them in every window hole in the house. But you might want them upstairs so you have the extra safety and in rooms that are important to ventilate downstairs as well. The options are completely yours based on what your goals are for your home. The windows are both efficient and the ratings can vary from model to model. Talk to your window company about your goals and style needs and work out the options from there.

There are plenty of Henderson, NV window styles from which to choose. Single and double hung are just two such options. If you’re sure those are right for you, great, move forward in that direction. If you aren’t sure yet, check into casement, picture, sliding, and other choices until you find the right fit. The experts at Master Craftsmen Inc. can help you every step of the way. You make the decisions, but we give you the information you need to make the right ones for your home and family. Give us a call at (702) 330-7907 to set up a free consultation. We can show you around our showroom and take a look at different styles in person when you visit us at 5240 S Decatur Blvd #1, Las Vegas, NV 89118.