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Pet Doors

Now available at Master Craftsmen, Inc., the pet door within the glass! Offered exclusively by Amerimax Building Products Inc., this innovative high quality pet door is paired with the New Horizon Sliding Door to accommodate both you and your pet. Featuring:

    • Soft, flexible, vinyl flaps for safe and easy pet access.
    • Impact resistant security cover with positive action pin lock.
    • Double flaps, nylon pile weather stripping, multiple alnico magnets for increased energy efficiency and safeguard against wind, insect intrusion, and unwanted animals.

Pet Door Facts:

    • Available only in the New Horizon Vinyl Sliding Patio Door
    • Available in 9 sizes to accommodate a variety of breeds
    • Available in white or dark bronze
    • LoE glass for energy efficiency
    • 5 Year Warranty

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