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Important Steps to Take Before Buying Your New Windows

It’s time to buy new windows for your Henderson home and you have been dreaming of the styles you love. Before you rip out the pages of your favorite design magazine to take to the showroom, you’ll want to take a few important steps. The right prep for your new windows will ensure that you bring home windows you’ll love for years to come. Skip the prep, and you may find that the windows you end up with aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Don’t worry if you have no idea where to start, we’ve put together a list of important steps to take before buying your new windows so you can bet you’ll love them in every way!

Map Out Your Exterior

There are a number of beautiful window styles currently on the market, but it’s important to remember that not every style is a good fit for every home. What may look good on paper could cause you more problems once the windows are installed. To avoid issues, make a detailed map of outside spaces, including back yards, patios and front decks. Have the map include any outdoor furniture, pathways, or plant life that you wouldn’t want obstructed by windows that open at a certain angle. This will help narrow down your options and will ensure that your windows work with your home not against it.

Remember the Kids and the Canines

New windows come with a number of benefits, but they can be a major safety hazard without the right planning. This is especially true in homes where small children or pets live. Children have the tendency to get their small fingers caught in window hinges and both pets and children can accidentally apply enough pressure to open certain styles of windows. Pay particular attention if you plan on installing new windows on a second level where accidents are more prone to happen.

Speak to a Realtor

Just because you’re not selling your home yet, it doesn’t mean that you can’t plan ahead. If you know selling your home will happen at some point in the future, it’s important to choose windows that will increase your resale value. The best way to do that is by visiting open houses or speaking with a real estate agent who can inform you on the best windows in your market.

Finish your homework? Then it’s time for the fun part! Armed with your insight, head down to Master Craftsmen Inc. and find a wide variety of window options to consider. Our window experts can answer any questions you may have while introducing you to the right options to suit your specific needs. Our team takes pride in matching homeowners with their ideal window styles, and we are ready to do the same for you! Just call (702) 320-7907 to set up an appointment or visit us at our showroom floor located at 5240 S Decatur Blvd #1 Las Vegas, NV 89118.

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