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Should You Replace Builder Grade Windows?

If you purchase a new house, there are customizations you can enjoy. If you get in on the building process early, you might be able to dictate things like what Henderson, NV windows and other such items. However, if you get in on the house more last minute, you may only get to pick wall colors and flooring. The windows may have already gone in. In that case, after you are settled in and maybe even down the road a few years, should you replace the builder grade windows? That will depend on a few things:  

Henderson, NV windows

How High-Quality Are The Windows? 

The first thing you will want to do is examine the windows. Are they high in quality or are they lacking? While some builders might put in top of the line windows and then simply charge more for the house, others will try to cut costs and put in windows that are just good enough, but not great. If your home has quality windows, great, you are good to go. If the windows are lacking, you’ll want to move on to the next steps.  

What Can New Windows Help With? 

If you have a certain window, examine windows that are several steps above it and see how much of a difference it could make in your home. You can ask window professionals to come to your house and check your windows to let you know what changes can do for your home. They could be able to tell you approximately how much you’d save on energy bills, for example. That will help you recognize whether or not the change is worth your investment at this point in your home’s life.  

Are They Failing? 

If your builder grade windows weren’t high in quality to start with, they might not work as you want them to for as long as you want them to. If they’ve already started to fail, they might not be good quality products or they might not have been installed properly. Check on the warranties first. You might be able to get replacement windows at the manufacturer’s expense. If there are installation issues, you could get that taken care of by the builder. If there are failures, you’ll definitely want to get things look over and fixed as soon as you can.  

New homes are great if they come with quality Henderson, NV windows. If your windows are less than quality, you may want to look into newer options. Contact the professionals at Master Craftsmen Inc. by calling (702) 330-7907 to set up a free consultation. You might not know a lot about windows, but we certainly do. We’ll come to your house, look at what you have, and give you our expert opinion as to what you should do. Stop by and see us in person to ask questions in our showroom at 5240 S Decatur Blvd #1 Las Vegas, NV 89118. We want your home to have quality windows and we’ll help you ensure that it does.