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Signs You’ve Chosen the Right Replacement Windows

There are a number of replacement window options currently on the Las Vegas window market. However, it’s important to remember that not all replacement windows are created equal and not every choice is the right fit for your home. Unfortunately, many don’t realize until it’s too late that the replacement windows they’ve brought home are less than quality. That often leads to disappointment when the windows don’t perform the way they were expected to. At Master Craftsmen Inc., it’s important to us that you love your replacement windows for years to come. We’ve put together a list of signs to show that you’ve chosen quality replacement windows.

Your Replacement Windows Feature Double or Triple Pane Glass

Often the most overlooked feature, the density of your glass will play one of the largest roles in the overall quality of your replacement windows. Your window density will contribute to your homes energy efficiency, comfort, and energy savings. Unfortunately, if your replacement windows only feature single pane glass (which is generally rather thin), you can say goodbye to a number of benefits and hello to problems like a rising energy bills. However, if your replacement window choice features double or, even better, triple pane glass, then congrats! You’ve taken one step in the right direction!

Your Replacement Windows Have an Awesome U-Factor

While shopping for replacement windows, it’s important to always read the labels. A window’s label will help you find important information (like the U-factor). This rating (often called the U-rating) is similar to a car when you think of the miles it gets per gallon of gas. The number tells you how well a window insulates a home. If you’ve checked the label and the U-factor is a higher number, expect higher energy bills. However, if that U-factor is nice and low, major savings are coming your way!

Your Replacement Windows Utilize a Strong Material

The material of your replacement windows is another choice you want to make sure you get right. The replacement window material can drastically affect areas like energy efficiency, upkeep, and maintenance. If you’re looking for quality windows that won’t add onto your chore list, choose materials like vinyl or fiberglass that only require the occasional cleaning with soap and water.

Your Replacement Windows Increase Your Resale Value

If you plan on selling your home in the near future, it’s important that your replacement windows help you get closer to that high resale value goal. Recent real estate reports show that homes with certain replacement window materials sell for a higher price. Get the right replacement windows for your future plans by visiting open houses or speaking with a local real estate agent to learn more about the most desirable materials in the area.

Are your replacement windows checking off all the right boxes? If not, it may be time to head to Master Craftsmen Inc. where you’ll find an impressive selection of quality replacement windows to consider. To get started, call (702) 320-7907 or stop by and meet us at 5240 S Decatur Blvd #1 Las Vegas, NV 89118.

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