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What’s In A Window?

Henderson, NV windows are made up of glass and whatever you’ve chosen to create the frame out of (like vinyl), right? Well, sure, but there’s a lot more to them than just glass and vinyl. If you are in the market for new windows, it’s nice to know just what goes into creating the windows you are going to put into your home. Here are a few more details about what goes into those windows.

Henderson, NV windows

Special Vinyl

You probably think that vinyl is vinyl and while all of the PVC materials have similar properties, window manufacturers have found a way to strengthen it over the years. Vinyl is more popular now than ever before because it insulates even better than it did in the past and it is even stronger and more durable. The special mixes of vinyl have come a long way and manufacturers are always looking for even better ways to improve their products.

Glass Packs

Sure, all windows have glass, but these aren’t just one single pane of glass and that’s it. Windows come with glass packs now and there’s a lot more included than just glass. Glass is at least double pane today and often, it’s even triple pane. There are always things between the panes of glass as well, like spacers and possibly air. Air is standard, but some manufacturers offer the option of inert gas fillings between those panes of glass. Inert gas is denser than air and insulates a home even further, though they do cost a bit more. All of the things you decide for your glass becomes the glass pack.

Special Coatings

Most people want to be able to see through their glass, but there are a lot of options in terms of coatings. Some people have windows in their bathrooms, for example, and wanted a frosted window so they have natural light, but no one can see in. Others consider things like low-E coatings for further energy efficiency, less heat, and protection from UV rays. That coating is invisible, but can take the windows to a new level of functionality and efficiency.

There are other details that go into creating the right Henderson, NV windows for your home. The hardware, for example, is a small detail that can make a big difference. And when you work with the experts at Master Craftsmen Inc. on your window project, we won’t let you leave any important detail out. We’ll go over every specific decision you need to make and ensure that you are able to make informed choices. You can start out with a tour of our showroom so you can start to think about your preferences and get ideas. You could also call us and get your questions answered by phone. We’re located at 5240 S Decatur Blvd #1 Las Vegas, NV 89118 and our number is (702) 330-7907. You can also start by learning more about us and the windows we carry. Our website is there to help you navigate the beginning portions of your project at