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Which Paint Is Best For Wood Replacement Windows?

Getting Las Vegas, NV replacement windows is a big deal and you probably thought long and hard about which material you want for your windows. While many homeowners default to vinyl because it is so popular, durable, and easy to maintain, there are some homes that simply call for wood replacement windows. If you get wood windows, you’re getting a natural beauty that is welcoming and unlike any other. However, you likely know you have to keep up with the maintenance or the wood won’t last as long as you want it to. When the time eventually comes to paint your wood windows, which paint is best? There are a few different options to consider.  

Oil-Based Paint 

Oil-based paint is great on wood because it gives you a hard finish that doesn’t cause the windows to stick like other paints might. You might get a yellow tinge over time and you’ll want to watch the mildew, but otherwise, oil-based paints are a good option to consider.  

Water-Based Paint 

Water-based paint is most often used on wood windows, but you will want to take care when you choose the exact kind. The paint should be an enamel paint, or you might get windows that stick inside their jambs.  

Painting Your Replacement Windows 

You will know your wood windows need paint if you see any paint peeling or chipping off the frame. When you have new windows, it can take a year or two of use for that to start to happen. You will want to get the paint out and get started before the weather damages the wood beneath the paint. Painting over the windows can work at times, but if there is chipping paint, it’s best to strip the windows of old paint and start over so they are even. While you’re at it, take loose caulk off around the windows too and start over there as well. You will also want to sand the painted surfaces to make smooth transitions on the raw wood. Dusting and cleaning the frames once that part is done is important, so the paint will go on smoothly.  

Las Vegas, NV replacement windows

When you get new Las Vegas, NV replacement windows made from wood, you won’t have to worry about painting them right away. However, you should know the process so when you need to do it, it’s simple to get things in order and get the job done. It’s important to take care of wood windows so they will continue to take care of your home and look nice while they’re at it. If you need help deciding on materials, colors, hardware, or anything in between, contact Master Craftsmen Inc. for help. Give us a call at (702) 330-7907 and we’ll answer your questions or set you up with a free consultation to help with everything. You can also stop by and visit with us in our showroom at 5240 S Decatur Blvd #1 Las Vegas, NV 89118. Whether by phone or in person, you can count on us to help you get the replacement windows you need for your home.