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Keep your property secure with Titan Security Doors. Titan offers a full-line of entry doors as well as variety of security screen doors and storm doors. Security can also look chic with all the options and colors available from Titan.

Feel assured that your entrances are secure from the outside without compromising your aesthetic.

We’ve worked with this brand for many years and recommend to all homeowners where security is your biggest motivator to replace doors.

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Premium Aluminum

Premium security and storm doors. Built to suit your needs, season after season, year after year. Premium alloy construction and full range customization combine to deliver the best lifetime value in security doors

Titan Premium Security Doors are designed to deliver maximum return on your home improvement investment delivering a host of benefits

Constructed from an architectural grade aluminum alloy that is up to 6 times stronger than steel and completely impervious to all rust and corrosion, making them far and away the best lifetime value for your home

A secure option, this permanent perforated screen maintains light and air flow.

The high-tensile, woven, stainless steel mesh delivers light, ventilation and unsurpassed strength and durability. Available with select designs

interchangeable screen provides upgraded sun protection, durability and pet resistance

This conventional screen provides maximum ventilation while keeping insects at bay

Interchangeable glass panel maximizes the year round function of your door

40 architectural designs and 1 full-view options available with 12 colors and screen and glass options.



See the Meshtec difference…Looks like a screen. Works like a force field. The patented technology of Meshtec Advanced Screen Systems creates an entirely new class of virtually transparent security and pet resistant product

Security doors with full view Meshtec screens, deliver high visibility and security without any tradeoffs

Meshtec screens are made from a high-tensile woven stainless steel mesh, providing the light and ventilation of a screen door, plus the strength and durability of a security door and the weather resistance of a storm door

The patented technology of Meshtec Advanced Screen Systems make an entirely new class of window screens possible. The patent pending, Quick Escape System creates the only child-safe, emergency egress window screen model on the market

Titan sidelites and transoms featuring the Meshtec Advanced Screen System pair with Ultimate Screen or Storm Doors or Premium Security Doors to deliver a beautifully secure entryway

Meshtec products are carefully designed and engineered to resist common forced entry methods and break-in tools. Incredibly resistant to blunt force attacks, the screen material is also extremely difficult to cut through. Security doors feature a 3-point vault lock system, making them jimmy resistant.

High grade, stainless steel wires are placed under continuous tension as they are woven together, creating a mesh that is as difficult to get through as it is easy to see through. While under tension, wires are woven into stainless steel mesh. It is cut, pre-treated and powder coated. Mesh panels are secured in product frames with patented mechanical attachment systems

A heavy-duty, aluminum frame combined with the three-point vault locking system keeps your home protected from unwanted intruders, while common mounting screws combine with security snap covers to create a simple, sleek, and secure installation.

The Meshtec screen stands up to scratching and clawing for the ultimate in pet friendly protection.

The removable glass panel provides weather protection during inclement seasons. An aluminum frame combined with a three-point vault locking system will keep your home protected from unwanted intruders, while the security snap cover is easy to install and provides a clean seamless appearance.

The whole home solution for total peace of mind. All the benefits of Meshtec everywhere you need them.

The Patio Screen Door featuring the Meshtec Advanced Screen System is a heavy-duty replacement product engineered for maximum durability in even the most challenging residential environments. Integral handle and stainless steel wheels complete the package. it all results in paws, claws and clumsy neighbor resistance that make the patio screen door of a lifetime

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