Front Entry Doors

Fiberglass Entry Doors: The Look and Performance You’ll Love

Fiberglass entry doors are the most versatile doors available. Because of the material’s attributes, it can withstand the abuse that an entry door receives from constant use to extreme heat. Consider this—with any other material the exterior of your entry door may reach high temperatures and be hard to touch. With fiberglass, the heat doesn’t impact it, so you can touch without trepidation.

  • So many Options: Sizes and styles run the spectrum from modern to classic. Paint or stain pre-finishing is also available for fiberglass entry doors. Choose from hundreds of decorative glass designs.
  • Durability: Fiberglass doesn’t respond to the elements like other materials do. It won’t warp, bow, or split. It works in any climate, even the desert.
  • Low-Maintenance: Fiberglass requires no maintenance. Keep it clean, and that’s it.

Find Fiberglass Doors from Milgard, Therma-Tru.


Wood Entry Doors: Timeless Beauty

The look of rich wood is undeniable. When you have a wood entry door, the exquisite look will be noticeable from afar. Not only do wood entry doors have such a powerful aesthetic, they are also a great insulting material. Wood entry doors do require more maintenance than other materials, but it’s a small investment of time compared to the gorgeous look and sturdy feel of a real wood door.

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