What Our Customers Are Saying


Mark & Judy Schaffer

To all interested potential customers, After receiving quotes from other firms we were very happy with the quote Mike gave us and the specifications of the Amerimax vinyl windows he installed. Master Craftsmen Windows & Doors promptly scheduled the installation once the custom windows were received from the manufacturer and knew exactly what they were doing every step of the way. The job was finished quickly, within three or four days, and minor touch ups and adjustments were done without fuss. Mike and his worker were pleasant, professional, and patient with my wife and I explaining exactly what they were doing and why they were doing it. We can, without reservation and with complete confidence, tell anyone to let Mike and crew quote and do your job as you will be completely happy with their work, pricing, and attitude.

Judith M. Gray

I love them. They are just really great. Some of them I got with the blinds on the inside, in between the window panes and it worked out so nicely, especially in the kitchen because I can keep them clean. Overall, the house is much warmer, quieter and more comfortable because of the windows. If I needed more windows I would go back to Pella. I haven’t had any problems since they’ve been installed.

David Hopgood

Everything was perfect. The guy who did the work was exceptional. He’s called the master craftsmen and he’s the local Pella representative. These guys are really good. We will use their services again in the future.

Kay and Mike Dunegan

Dear Mike, We had an experience several days ago that I had to tell you about. First, we are very happy with the double pane windows, especially on the warmer days, when we can sit in the family room enjoying the natural sunlight and not be roasting in the heat. That said, let me tell you what happened. Several nights ago, we were sleeping with the bedroom window open to take advantage of the evening air. We were suddenly awakened by the dogs from the house behind us as they went into chorus with a siren, like they usually do. For some reason, their response was much longer than normal. I got up and pulled the window closed and it was like turning off the volume knob on the radio. The dogs continued to howl for several more minutes but the noise was reduced to barely a background level and we slept peacefully the rest of the night. We knew how great the windows were for controlling temperature but were very please to benefit from their noise reduction capabilities as well. Many thanks for all your good advice and the great job done by you and your team.
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