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Sophisticated and Classic—Wood and Clad-Wood Windows for Your Home

Bring the beauty of richness and tradition to your Las Vegas home with wood windows. You’ll also enjoy the fact that wood is a natural insulator, keeping the heat or cold outside. With a clad-wood option, the exterior of the window can be fiberglass or aluminum cladded, too, meaning that your exterior exposure to heat won’t impact the durability of the product.


Versatile Looks

When you choose wood windows, you can also decide the finish, as it can be painted or stained. Find the color or stain that complements you aesthetic. Remember your windows shouldn’t be an afterthought in the design of your spaces. They are an important part of the design, so you’ll love their versatility.

With clad-wood windows, you also have the option of colors for the fiberglass or aluminum to ensure a cohesive design.

Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Because wood is such a hardy material, it’s possible to create a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you have a large wall to frame in glass or smaller spaces like bathrooms, we can design the right wood window for you.

Unique Pieces of Art

Because no tree is the same, no two products are either. Each wood has unique characteristics that make it much more than a window but a piece of art. Go simple or add more detail—you have a world of possibilities to consider. We offer wood windows in Mahogany, Alder, Douglas Fir, or Pine.

Why Choose Clad-Wood?

Traditional wood windows often need regular exterior maintenance and can be impacted by the extreme heat we face in the valley. Clad-wood windows are redefining this class of windows, making them beautiful on the inside and tough on the outside. You’ll also have the option for the exterior color so that it blends seamlessly with your home’s exterior.


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