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Vue Collection

The all-aluminum, ultra-modern VUE Collection is a good fit for your custom home. All products are engineered to link easily in order to produce wide ribbons of glass in distinctive combinations, delivering the architects’ and homebuilders’ vision. The VUE Collection, which is available in sizes and performance levels unparalleled in the market, offers structural and thermal performance that satisfies the strictest requirements while delivering great quality in an environmentally friendly substrate.

Contemporary Collection

For people who reject compromise, Modern Aluminum-Clad Wood Windows and Patio Doors with a seamless, contemporary aesthetic have been painstakingly created and flawlessly engineered. The enormous views of custom, high-end houses are expressly intended to be enhanced by this unique and inventive assortment. These windows and doors are capable of meeting the challenge of pushing the limits of design.

Premium Series

The premium series embodies Weather Shield’s  goal of fusing traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge design and materials. These high-end, traditional aluminum-clad wood windows and patio doors are part of our premium series. The extensive collection combines cutting-edge energy efficiency with timeless elegance. The end result is a large, striking, and lovely palette that will support the realization of your ideal design.

Premium Coastal

Our Premium Coastal Series adapts to old-world workmanship to the special requirements of oceanfront residences. With every element specifically planned for the climate, weather, and panoramic vistas that define seaside living, this collection provides luxury without compromise. Peace of mind.

Signature Series

The timeless design elements and high-quality components included in our Signature Series represent Weather Shield’s commitment to excellence. Our Signature collection is just what it sounds like: our signature. It has cutting-edge design and a focus on energy economy. Classic windows and patio doors with easy access.

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