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New or replacement windows are important investment in your home. The first decision to make when choosing a window is the material. We offer the following:


  • Fiberglass: dependable and stunning with virtually no maintenance
  • Vinyl: budget-friendly and energy-efficient
  • Wood and clad-wood: sophisticated and classic
  • Aluminum: contemporary design built with durability in mind

Window Material Comparison–Explore the Attributes of Each Material



  • Most durable materials
  • Does not bend, bow, or warp in extreme heat
  • Elegant look of stained or painted wood
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Available in all styles, sizes, and shapes
  • Top choice for energy efficiency
Fiberglass – Las Vegas, NV


  • Durable materials
  • Multiple colors available
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Budget-friendly
  • Available in all styles, sizes, and shapes
  • Top choice for energy efficiency


  • Modern look with slim frame
  • Thermal break technology for energy efficiency
  • Strong frame


  • Richness of real wood
  • Fiberglass extrusion offers durability on the exterior
  • Finishes in stains and colors
  • Available in a variety of types, sizes, and shapes


Things to Consider When Choosing New or Replacement Windows

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Energy Efficiency: Keep the cold and heat out with performance glass. Look for ENERGYSTAR® certified windows to save an average of 12% on energy bills.

Return on Investment: Windows offer a great return and are often one of the best improvements you can make that pays off when should you sell your property.

Boost Curb Appeal: Enhance your exterior with new windows.

Window Operation: Depending on where your windows are, you’ll need a specific function like casement, sliding, or double-hung. We’ll work with you to determine which types of windows will work best functionally.

Maintenance: Some materials require more maintenance than others—be sure you are choosing the right material for the level of future work you expect.

Noise Reduction: The right windows and glass can help reduce exterior noise. If you want to reduce noise, we can recommend the best products.

Security: Feel secure with window frames designed to be strong. Security glass options are also available.

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