Master Craftsmen Inc. will ensure your window and door project is done right using OSI Quad Window and Sealant.

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OSI was founded in 1966 by a group of Tradesman who sought better performance from adhesives and sealants on the jobsite.  The brand’s newest product line, the QUAD Window and Door System, has quickly gained specification from many leading window and door manufacturers.  It provides superior flexibility, strength, and durability in the harshest weather conditions – including freezing temperatures, intense heat, powerful winds, rain, sleet, snow and more.

To ensure proper installation of its sealant products and provide homeowners with additional peace-of-mind, OSI has a team of professionals with expert knowledge in building science, installation techniques and code compliance.  This group offers training and certification programs, flashing system protocol development and install testing services that helps ensure reliable, long-lasting results.

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